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Cleft Notes

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Things we have learned!

Written by : Karen (cl-krbh2001)
Michael quickly out grew eating baby food and wanted the real thing.  Before Michael had his palate repaired at 13 months we were sitting down and eating dinner.  That night we had spaghetti, one of his favorites.  I always cut it up so that the noodles were 2 - 3 inches long.  Well during dinner, he kept on rubbing his nose with his hand.  After several times of
rubbing his nose, he started sneezing.  One of us got up and got a tissue for his nose and the next sneeze produced a spaghetti noodle.  We had a good laugh after we pulled the noodle out.  Now we call it his "parlor trick."

Since Michael's p-flap surgery, which is supposed to have the side effects of snoring and possibly sleep apnea.  I started noticing that Michael could make some really good sound effects.  Forget about the side effects, we got sound effects.  He has a great pig sound and sometimes I swear you can hear
him gulp and he is some how manipulating the "flaps" to make the noise of gulping like you hear in cartoons.  I know have to tell him to quit making noises with his flaps.  I get some funny looks when I say that.

At 22 months, Michael started speech therapy after our new ped & I agreed that he had gone way too long without any progress with his speech.  He had one word "Momma."  Momma meant everything; daddy, daddy's doing something wrong, I want, I need, etc.  Well, Early Intervention sent an evaluation
team to our house and he was evaluated at 9 months in speech.  We knew that he was delayed and were quite happy that he qualified for services and services started almost immediately.  One day I left him in the living room with the SLP while she was working with him.  Next thing I know, I hear a bunch of howling.  I come out and asked what he was up to, the SLP said, "I'm only trying to put this in his mouth and he started this."  I looked at him, picked him up, and told him to stop it.  Since then every SLP has old me that he is a Master Manipulator.  In fact, as he changes SLP the old SLP's evaluate him because they already know he's going to try to con he new one.

Written By: Jennifer W (cl-wilkinson7764)
When Ashley was 4 weeks old my husband and I took her to Wal-Mart to get her pictures made. It was the first time to really be out in public (besides doctor's offices) since she was born. I wasn't real worried about stares but then I felt like people were really looking at us but I knew part of it was she was so small (5 pounds 10 oz at 5 weeks old) We were trying to kill time by walking around we were a little early and we came up on this little boy. He was about 8 years old and he was REALLY staring. He started to say something and I was thinking great what is this kid going to say. He told us this "Your baby is beautiful" Ok right then and there I wanted to cry. It was the sweetest thing and if ever I had doubts it cleared them all away.
Written By: Melanie (mc1973)

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