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Surgery Stories

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Cleft Lip Repair Stories

Ashley's Lip Repair(DD to JenniferW-cl-wilkinson7764)

Liam's Lip Repair (DS of Heidi - liamsmom724)

Karston's Lip Repair (DS to May - romans 5)

Destiny and Celeste Lip Repair(DD to Pam-pamfirst)

Kyliegh's Lip Repair-(DD to Christie--csalmon)

Joshua's Lip repair (DS to Melanie - mc1973)

Shae's Lip Repair Story (DD to Jennifer-jennifer 0572)

Cleft Palate Repair Stories

Ann's Soft Palate Repair (DD to Cathy - dapdoo)

Charlotte'sPalate Repair(DD to Theresa-mommyt2002)

Joshua's Palate Repair (DS to Melanie--mc1973)

Christopher's Palate Repair (DS to Regina--ldybugs723)

Other Surgery Stories

Joshua's Latham Device (DS to Melanie-mc1973)

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