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Acronyms and Abbreviations

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         CA- cleft affected

         NCA - non cleft affected

         UCL - Unilateral Cleft Lip

         UCLP - Unilateral CLeft lip & Palate

         BCL- Bilateral Cleft lip

         BLCP - Bilateral Cleft lip & Palate

         BCP - bilateral cleft palate

         UCP - unilateral cleft palate

         A.R. - Alveolar Ridge (notched gumline)

         PS - Plastic Surgeon

         ST - Speech Therapist or Speech Therapy

         ENT - Ears, Nose, & Throat doctor

         SLP - Speech Therapist

         PED - pediatrician

         OT - occupational therapy or therapist

         PT - physical therapy or therapist

         PRS - Pierre Robins Syndrome

         LOL - laughing out loud

         ROTFLMBO - rolling on the floor laughing my butt off

         BTW - by the way

         BTDT-Been there done that

         TIA-Thanks in Advance

         HTH - hope this helps

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