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Useful Cleft Related Web Links

Cleft Lip & Palate Message Board

Cleft Advocate

Wide Smiles

Cleft Line

Pierre Robin Network

Haberman and Mini-Haberman Feeders Instructions

To Order MeadJohnson Bottles/Enfamil Cleft Lip/Palate Nurses

Useful Post Surgery Links

Zip-n-Squeeze Bag - for post surgery

Snuggle Wraps - Extra No-No's

Liquid Recipes for After Surgery

DRINK UP! Post Surgical Dietary Restrictions

Member's Pages

Ashley's Blog (DD to cl-wilkinson7764)

Kyleigh's website (DD to csalmon)

Rachel's Journey (DD to Darcy - nursey007)

Destiny and Celeste's Website (DDs to Pam - pamfirst)

Liam's Website (DS of Heidi--Liamsmom724)

iVillage Parents Cleft Lip & Palate Message Board's Website